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July 25


March 14
Olivia Riegel Liked

Adorable additions to our collection this year...the Scottie box and Scottie bottle stopper!

Tags: new item, gift idea, bold design, Olivia Riegel, jewelry box, $OVR-CB2006

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03/14/18 01:16 PM
Jason Solarek picture
Jason at Bridge
My mom loved her Scottie so much - she’d have loved this

March 7
Olivia Riegel Liked

We're excited to introduce this stunning new piece to our collection...say hello to Nora!

Available at retailers nationwide.

Tags: new items, stunning, design, decor, Olivia Riegel, $OVR-RT1426

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March 2
Olivia Riegel Liked

All the pretty things!

Thank you to our Instagram fan @rita25 for the feature!

Tags: decor, bedroom, Olivia Riegel, $OVR-RH2015

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Feb. 27
Olivia Riegel Liked

Introducing...Cydney! With gorgeous blue and clear crystals who couldn't love her?

Available at retailers nationwide.

Tags: frame, style, decor, Olivia Riegel, $OVR-RT1395, $OVR-RT1396, $OVR-Rt1397

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Feb. 18
Olivia Riegel

Allow us to introduce the...Silver Tristan frame! This chic frame was so popular in gold that we decided to introduce it in silver - isn't she gorgeous? Available at retailers nationwide!

Tags: frame, style, decor, Olivia Riegel, $OVR-RT2382, $OVR-RT2381, $OVR-RT2380

Oct. 9, 2017
Julia Knight Liked

Have you seen the newest addition to the Julia Knight Collection? This new modern collection is called Eclipse and is available today.

Tags: Julia Knight, Eclipse, $JKT-1330500, $JKT-9553527, $JKT-9556400, $JKT-9554515

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